Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Tone Down a Bright Wall Color

So you had this great idea for your living room or bedroom to really make it pop. You went to the paint store and found an amazing, bright green paint that was going to give new life to your home. You raced home to give your drab walls a makeover. Well, now you are standing in what feels like a kid's cartoon playhouse, and you are seriously regretting your decision. You still love the color, but it's just way too bright. Don't fret. You can tone down a bright wall color.

Things You'll Need:

* Neutral-colored curtains
* Neutral bedding
* Dimmer light
* Blue light bulb
* Large, simple modern art
* Can of white paint
* Can of original wall color
* Can of semi-gloss glaze
* Empty bucket
* Paint stirrer
* Paint tray
* Sea sponge

Without Paint

1. Hang curtains of a neutral color such as white or beige to balance out the room.
2. Dress the couch or bed in a plain, neutral slipcover or bedding that does not have patterns or elaborate stitching.
3. Place a lamp with a dimmer in the room and only use low-light settings.
4. Screw a blue light bulb into your light fixture to wash out the bright walls.
5. Hang large, simple, modern art with lots of white space on the walls to take the focus away from the walls themselves.

Sponge Paint
1. Mix white paint with the original color of the walls until you have a softer tone you like.
2. Pour a 50/50 mixture of the new color and the glaze into a bucket and mix it gently with a paint stirrer.
3. Fill the paint tray with the new paint/gloss mixture.
4. Touch the sponge lightly to the paint in the tray so that it has a thin layer of paint on the end.
5. Dab the bright walls gently in small sections so that the bottom color still peeks through gaps in the sponged-on paint.


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